Brandi Gratis

Content Marketing Manager

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Content is King

Content isn't just a blog, tweet, or infographic. Content makes possible everything we do as communicators. Content is our voice in action.

What do I provide?

Using a wealth of expertise and experience in writing, SEO, blogging, social media, content promotion, analysis, design, and more, I help clients identify their target audiences, define measurable goals, and create a cohesive vision. I deliver high-performing, targeted initiatives encompassing everything from content ideation and creation through promotion and analysis that meet and exceed the needs of the client and end-user.

Content Strategy

The long-term success of any campaign depends on the quality of the strategy supporting it. Brandi’s highly-targeted approach to content is best exemplified by her ability to methodically construct and articulate each element as it serves the bigger-picture goals and vision of the campaign.



Staying abreast of the latest search algorithm updates, SEO best-practices, and industry trends requires diligence. Brandi’s vast knowledge in these areas allows her to bring the most up-to-date and effective recommendations and strategic insights to her clients.

Social Media

Social media platforms provide a crucial means of engagement with different audiences. Brandi uses social media to enhance brand awareness, build community trust, and amplify content relevant to users needs.


Brandi’s ability to break down complex technical and strategic ideas into easy-to-understand language and concepts is what sets her apart as a Content Marketing Specialist you’d actually like to have a drink with.

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